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Principal Investigator :


Dr. Nam-Sung Moon, PhD
Associate Professor

Dr. Nam-Sung Moon completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at McGill University. For his Ph.D thesis, he investigated the mechanism of protein-DNA interaction of a transcription factor, CDP/Cut. He characterized the DNA binding property of CDP/Cut, which led to the identification of different CDP/Cut isoforms in cancer cells. To pursue his research interest in cell cycle regulation and cancer development, Dr. Moon joined the laboratory of Dr. Nick Dyson at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. There, he investigated the function of RB/E2F family proteins using Drosophila as a model organism. Dr. Moon joined the Department of Biology at McGill as Assistant Professor in July 2008.

Current Members:


Mary-Rose Bradley-Gill
PhD Candidate
Project description: I study the connection between the RB/E2F tumour suppressor pathway and the Tor growth control pathway. Specifically, I’m looking at how the Tor pathway regulates different E2F transcripts post-transcriptionally and why this might be important to link cell cycle and growth control.


Minhee Kim
PhD Candidate
Project description: I am investigating the biological and biochemical significance of an alternatively spliced isoform of Drosophila E2F1. My project has revealed that there are intrinsic complexities underlying the “streamlined” Drosophila E2F network, and Drosophila E2F1 achieves this by alternative splicing.


Keemo Delos Santos
MSc Candidate
Project description: I am studying the biological significance of one of the downstream targets of Capicua, an HMG box transcription factor, which we have previously identified to regulate both the proliferation and survival of RB-deficient cells in Drosophila


Jack Tang
Undergraduate student
Project description: My project involves the biochemical analysis of physical interactions between RBF1 and different dE2F1 protein isoforms